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About Us - 公司简介

1. History - 历史

Kesbond Limited was established in 1986 and, along with our directors, some of our employees have been in the industry for over thirty years. We therefore have experience in all aspects and types of zippers.


2. Production - 生产

From 1986 until 2005, we functioned in the UK, primarily as an assembly plant for the British market, however we now manufacture zippers in China and Taiwan, and supply customers around the world. Our zips are tested to British SB3084, ISO 9001:2000, Oeko-Tex Standard 100. The high standard we have achieved enables us to supply our products to many different industries such as clothing, furniture, boots, shoes, slippers, luggage, heavy and light weight bags, purses, tents, sleeping bags, gloves, work wear, bedding and many more. We are continually aware of the high expectations of our product and demand very high standards for zipper production.

We supply zips dyed to any YKK colour and also dye to match swatches. We offer a quick delivery service with lead times ranging from one to three weeks depending on sizes, quantities and colours.

从1986到2005期间,我们主要在英国已经运作,主要是作为英国市场的装配工厂,但是我们现在在中国和台湾制造拉链,并供应给世界各地的客户。我们的拉链通过了BS3084,ISO 9001:2000,环保纺织100的测试。我们所获得的高标准让我们能把我们的产品提供给许多不同的行业,例如服装、家具、靴子、鞋、拖鞋、箱包、重型和轻型袋、皮包、帐棚、睡袋、手套、工作服、床上用品等。我们不断地意识到对我们的产品的高要求和对拉链生产的高标准。我们供应任何染色拉链YKK色染料,并配合色板。我们会根据尺寸大小,数量和颜色的不同,我们会提供一至三个星期的快捷交货服务。

3. The KSB Brand - 凯士比的品牌

We do not actively advertise our products, however our “KSB” brand is constantly bettering its reputation. We have a strong customer base in the UK, and in 2011 we established a presence in the Chinese market with our offices in Shenzhen and Hong Kong. KSB is a cost effective alternative to other major zipper suppliers including YKK, always maintaining the highest standards of quality.

我们不会积极去宣传我们的产品,但我们的“凯士比”品牌在不断完善其声誉。我们在英国有一个强大的客户基础,在2011年我们已经建立了一个深圳办事处作为我们在中国市场的第一次亮相。我们的目标是将“凯士比”确立为一个性价比高的 YKK拉链公司的替代品,但始终保持最高的质量标准。

4. Customers - 生产

Some of our customers have included end users: